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Fino NOV 01, 06:42 PM

Originally posted by DaRkLoRD:
I love the Piranha interior.. but I think it's a bit TOO modern looking for a stock Fiero.. it'd be great in a Finale/Fino or the Piranha if they're ever produced.

I agree with DaRkLoRD. But I think it would look good in a Fiero that has minor body modifications.

I would love to have had that interior in my Fino.


TBK NOV 01, 07:36 PM
Here are some links to more pics. If you made this dash, as I already have said, I would certainly buy it without batting an eye.

I think it would go GREAT on ANY fiero!

'Course that's just my opinion, I could be wrong.
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Riceburner98 NOV 01, 08:37 PM
Funny someone should mention 3000GT.. My plan is to install a 3000GT dash in my Fiero. I hope.. Took some measurements the other day, I hope it will fit! At least some of it. My personal favorite: Make a close copy of a Ferrari F550 dash, and I'd buy it in a second! I want to build one of those dashes... *After* I get the engine in.... lol

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OH10fiero NOV 01, 09:43 PM
Ok so it seems you guys like the Pirahna interior, but keep in mind I probly could not copy it because of copy right issues, but does not mean I cannot borrow a few ideas from it. Also what about speakers, first person to suggest stock 4x10 gets petitioned to get banned, what woulld the majority like
drummer5 NOV 01, 09:44 PM
I like the sweeping lines of the new viper dash. Also it would be cool if you could get something like a toyota supra dash, those are pretty sweet the way they like curve around the driver.
sqoach NOV 01, 10:01 PM
Ok, here's some ideas from me

Lose the vents that stick out by the doors. Everyone seems to kick that when they get out. Plus they look kind of stupid sticking out that far. I think one problem with the stock dash is that it is too far away from the occupants. The vents stick out, the gauge pod sticks out, and if there was a real glovebox, it would stick out (just like the aftermarket one). There's plenty of room to put a glovebox. Make the dash stick out a little further as a whole, but integrate(sp?) the gauges, vents, and glovebox into it, so they don't stick out as far. Get what I'm saying?
Speaker size, definately go with 5.25 inch speakers. They're not too big, not too small. I don't think 6x9s are a good choice. For one, they'll take up too much area of the dash, plus mounting depths on them are around 3" on most models.
One more thing. The stereo needs to be higher in the dash. It's bad enough with a manual, but the guys with automatics can't do much when they're in park. The shifter's in the way.

That's all my ideas...for now


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the need for speed NOV 01, 10:07 PM
the 300zx dash!!!!!!!!! A couple of people I thought were trying the z dash, but i think they made the instrument pod pretty damb ugle..screw those russians copy the piranha but then add a digital clock or something that would make it different.I dont know how patents work,or even if they have one or care since they dont want to make there dash!
perkidelic NOV 02, 12:29 AM
Funny not many people have heard about this company. Just Dashes can cover any dash with factory type vinyl. They use heat and vacuum to the vinyl to the dash. They specialize in restos, but I once asked them about doing custom dashes and they said they could. I think he said usually $500-1000 (ballpark figures).


Originally posted by Automoda:
Does anyone have any idea just what it would cost to cover that Pirana dash? You'd be into that dash more than a SC3800


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drummer5 NOV 02, 12:58 AM
I was wondering if anyone here had or knew where I could find a measured diagram of a fiero interior so I could design one.


littled047 NOV 02, 01:47 AM
im really glad that someone is willing to take everyone's opinion and see what they can come up with.
one thing i really love are the pirahna door panels! if anything, do something like that with the door panels please! Everything else, just make it look modern... i like the idea of bringing the dash out and integrating all the gauges and things.and also i like 6in. speakers. maybe you could do something with door speakers. and i would also say going with an aftermarket gauge cluster. the last thing, and i know everyone wants this... CUP HOLDERS!!!! but find a good spot for them, not just in the middle of the center counsoul. i dont know, work magic...

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