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Dogcreek APR 01, 09:22 PM
Fiero nuts....

Another LS4 build has begun... This is a LS4 with tranny and all electronics from a 2007 GP GXP with 25k acquired from Eric at Morad Motors... It is going into my 1986GT seen here...

I am working with Joe (FieroKing) on this.... He is doing the swap and I am helping... or staying out of the way... whatever he wants... LOL

It is going onto an 88 cradle...... Not planning on using DoD or the BCM.... pretty much a straight swap with A/C, no power steering and with much of the "stuff" turned off... ie, tranny protect, wheel sensors, etc.....

Also doing a shock/strut upgrade and a brake upgrade... We are hoping to do a push button tranny and steering wheel mounted paddles...

So here we go... I have held off on sharing the start as it has been a long time coming... But it is time... The "check wallet" light is glowing brightly...


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F355spider APR 01, 09:27 PM
I hope this is a good DIY thread with a lot of pictures.
aaronkoch APR 01, 09:29 PM
I'll race ya, wait, no I won't..

Currently in the middle of my 88 + 3800NA swap

Dogcreek APR 01, 09:33 PM
Gonna do my best on that.... this is a bit of a milestone for me as I have planned to do a V8 swap since I had my first ride in a Fiero many years ago.... I have watched so many successful awesome builds here that I have been a bit obsessive (what Fiero guy isn't) and finally have a car and the means and an expert to help me do it right... Plus a very supportive club that loves to get involved with other members cars (Inland Northwest Fiero's)

So... here we go...... It will be an "E" ticket ride for sure!! Hey Aaron!! Lets get cracking on these cars... Let me know if when you want to get cracking again on yours!! What goes around comes around!!

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aaronkoch APR 01, 09:38 PM
Dunno what you're talking about, I got my custom flywheel, clutch and transmission mounted up yesterday, and the engine mounts on the cradle..
Dogcreek APR 01, 09:47 PM
As I suspected... You are a machine when it comes to this kind of stuff... I am heading to Joe's on Saturday... Want to go? Like to see your progress too... It has been too long since we took out the torches and hammer and starting fixin' stuff LOL


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dratts APR 01, 11:36 PM
April fool right?
dratts APR 02, 12:03 AM
Just kiddin'
Rickady88GT APR 02, 12:39 AM
Do you have the tap shift tranny?


helmet1978 APR 02, 01:12 AM

You guys are just trying to increase the competion in the Super Mod class at the NW Fiero Fest aren't you

4.5 months and counting!