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Dogcreek APR 02, 06:15 PM
Hi Rick... yes it came with the tap shift stuff.... Say did you make your own engine mounts?

Rickady88GT APR 03, 02:25 AM

Originally posted by Dogcreek:

Hi Rick... yes it came with the tap shift stuff.... Say did you make your own engine mounts?


I got my mounts from West Coast Fiero and modified them. I cant seem to just leave anything alone I used the WCF brackets on the engine and tranny and made my own brackets on the cradle. For what I use the car for, I would not use the polly again. I would make my own custom mounts with the factory fluid filled LS4 mounts. For me, the polly is just way to stiff and transmits to much vibration and noise into the car. But others might not think it is that bad. One cool thing about the WCF mounts is that they had a reverse mount alt option to put the alternator in the stock battery location. Also they have a really cool coolant fill neck that bolts to the side of the head.

I have the tap shift tranny controle modual, tap shift controles on the steering wheel and wire diagrams for it but I dont have the tranny;( Some day maybe I will convert it to tap shift.


Dogcreek APR 04, 06:23 PM
Hi Rick, good info... thank you... Got some pics of what Joe has made and they look great.. I will post them in a bit...

Well, we looked at some things and it looks like if I want to use the cruise I have to get the BCM... Right? Plus I think I need to get a factory GXP wheel and shifter if I want to keep all of that stock.. Anyone have a stock GP-GXP wheel and shift linkage setup...? The tranny is all setup for it and when I bought it I thought it have everything it would need... but no... not a major thing... just need to find the parts

Anyway more later... including todays pics..

Rickady88GT APR 05, 02:32 AM
The BCM will need a lot of "other things". It is a complex electrical system.

I did get the shifter for my LS4 swap, but it is not the tap shift type. That did not matter anyway because the shifter is a HUGE plastic monstrosity that has an ice cube's chance in hell of fitting in the Fiero in a "conventional" configuration. I took the lock out switch off the shifter and modified it to work on the modified Fiero shifter. BTW there is also an electronic lockout in the GXP steering column that works with the shifter lock out. The shifter wont shift and you cant pull the key out if the system fails or blows a fuse.
The Tap Shift shifter is different but still WAY to large to install in the Fiero. But you may still use parts off of it?

BTW I may have the only automatic "short shifter" in a Fiero? I think I cut my shifter down by 3".


Dogcreek APR 05, 09:30 PM
Thank s Rick, well... lots to think about around the cruise control and shift setup....

Anyway here are the pics from this weekends progress...

Test fitting and measurements for the mounts

Another view...

Out with the old and in with new...one of the mounts Joe is fabricating...

Here is one little tight spot that will require a small notch.. Engine
is sitting low in this pic but it is pretty tight right here...

And of course a pic of Joe's 4.9 - Nice ride here!!

Now we are making headway!!!

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Rickady88GT APR 06, 02:13 AM
If I could make a sugestion, I would say try to move the engine a little further to the driver side. Cut out small indentations in the cradle for the tranny. That way you wont have to cut into the Fiero frame rail on the passenger side.


aaronkoch APR 06, 11:44 AM

The only reason he needs to notch it is for the oil filter, the engine/tranny sits dead center in the cradle with maybe 1/2" wiggle room all around. Where did you think it was hitting?

Joe and I read your build thread, and were scratching our heads trying to figure out why you had problems making it fit.. Maybe the tap shift tranny is a slightly different shape or something? It's close, but other than putting about a third of a steel pipe in the cradle for clearance on the oil filter it looks like it will fit without issue. How low is yours? I know Jeff's oil pan is about 1/4" above the imaginary plane across the bottom of the '88 cradle..

Currently in the middle of my 88 + 3800NA swap

fieroguru APR 06, 12:07 PM
It all depends on where the alternator goes. If you mount it above the axle (like Rickady88GT, blkcofy & fieroaddiction), the belt drive goes much further to the rear where the passenger frame rail angles in and it will not fit without a slight cut to the passenger frame rail. Notching the driver side of the cradle to shift the engine over could make the needed clearance to avoid the frame notch on the passenger side.

WCF flips the alternator and runs it cantilevered over the old battery location and probably does not need any notching for alternator clearance.

The LS4 waterpump is a space hog on the front side of the engine and makes it challanging to fit both the AC and Alternator up front and down low.
infinitewill APR 06, 12:56 PM

Originally posted by Dogcreek:

Fiero nuts....

Another LS4 build has begun... This is a LS4 with tranny and all electronics from a 2007 GP GXP with 25k acquired from Eric at Morad Motors... It is going into my 1986GT seen here...

I love the look of this two-tone paint scheme. It really fits the car nicely.

KurtAKX APR 06, 05:42 PM
Is the internal fan in the alternator "directional"...might be worth considering.

When you mount the alternator facing the other direction, it will spin the other direction as well.

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