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mattwa MAR 03, 06:06 PM
I'm going to fix up my cradle soon, when the weather gets better. I'm using poly bushings, and going to sandblast and powder coat it. Did you POR-15 yours or what?
doublec4 MAR 03, 09:32 PM
This was a shop that was doing my engine. I don't think they used POR-15 but if I recall they were using some kind of rust preventative paint.

From what I hear about POR-15, I would go with that if I were to do it again.

doublec4 MAR 03, 11:00 PM
Forgot to add pictures of the engine bay!

doublec4 MAR 04, 10:20 PM
The next segment of this build is the engine going back in the car of course.

Here are a few pictures of the engine back in the engine bay. Everything was coming together, and almost ready to drive:

Saber49 MAR 04, 11:20 PM
Just wait... this next part gets good eh chris..... lol.... Nice thread so far man.


doublec4 MAR 05, 03:47 PM
The next part when it starts leaking again? ahhaha, or the next engine?

I'll update this again tonight
doublec4 MAR 05, 05:56 PM
Ah, might as well update it now!

The engine was eventually finished, and I happily took my car back from the shop. I was excited to take it to car shows and pop the decklid now!

It looked clean and ran pretty smooth. However, for some odd reason it felt a little slower than before.. not sure why. If you notice as well, the upper intake plenum was replaced with an engraved unit.
doublec4 MAR 06, 02:52 PM
After the engine was completed, the engine bay was painted a nice gloss black, and the old heat insulation was removed, I wanted the entire rear of the car to look new. I decided it would be a good time to remove the decklid and paint it to match.

Here are some pictures of the underside of the decklid being painted:

Next thing I will do is post some of the other things that were replaced while my engine was being completed.
doublec4 MAR 06, 10:51 PM
The other things that were upgraded or replaced during the engine work were the ball joints, KYB shocks and struts on all 4 corners, new rear brakes, new ebrake cables... take a look

Next up is when I lowered it...
doublec4 MAR 07, 03:06 PM
As I mentioned in the last post, I drove the car around for a while with the newly refinished engine, interior, new brake components etc, and I knew I wasn't done there. At this point I was officially addicted to finding more I could do to improve the performance and looks of the car.

The car was a sports car, it was sleek, but it had the wheel gap of a 4x4. I purchased some eibach lowering springs off of a member of this forum and had them installed. It vastly improved the look of the car, and made the suspension a little stiffer which I enjoyed.

Take a look for yourself

And if anyone has any comments or questions etc, don't be shy! Seems like this thread has lots of views but not too many posts!