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ITALGT SEP 08, 10:04 PM
When I bought this car the exterior looked good visually, except for the front bumper which had a couple of small spots where paint had been rubbed off. The only other obvious cosmetic issue was the tail lights, which had a lot of over-spray from when it had been previously painted. The lenses also had some minor scratches and scuffs, along with the delamination that you typically see:

I first removed the over-spray using a scotchbrite pad, alcohol, and lots of rubbing. Then I wet sanded the lenses repeatedly with 1500 grit sandpaper then 2000 grit, working out some of the more obvious pits and heavier scratches.

Next I attacked the lenses with rubbing compound using a power buffer, followed by some plastic polish and a couple of coats of wax. Here's the end results:

I was actually quite surprised how well they came out, and it wasn't all that tough. I will eventually finish this project with a black-out treatment using Night Shades spray tint. While I have them apart, I will also fix the delamination problem.

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ITALGT SEP 30, 05:21 PM
Today I took a closer look at the tires and no doubt about it, they absolutely have to be replaced ASAP. They are getting pretty bad and I'm actually quite surprised how quickly they are wearing, considering an alignment had supposedly been done before I bought the car. So... a long story short... time for some new rubber, an inspection of the suspension, an alignment... and I get to finally powder coat the centers of the wheels black!

I knew I was going to be putting the car up on stands eventually for some work, just not this soon! That's ok though... today I broke down and bought a el-cheapo "Black Jack" 3 ton low-profile jack (steel) from ol' Wally-World, $68... 3.3" height minimum. Also bought some GM Goodwrench 3-ton jack stands with a 21" max height... those sold for $17 a pair. About $100 and a trip to Walmart gets you this:

I just tried it on the car... it does clear nicely, and also lets you inboard enough to reach the engine cradle. The steel lift pad is a little big for lifting in the factory jack locations... I'm sure a rubber pad would be useful here, but I won't be using it there anyway.

The existing tires are Falken 215/45ZR-17 front, 235/45ZR-17rear. I will probably go the cheap route for now and find some good used rubber. Down the road I would like to install more of an 18" diameter wheel front and 19" or 20" rear wheel combination. For now, it's time to start pricing out some new rolling stock... and start playing with the powder coating machine at work!

Stay "tuned!"

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ITALGT OCT 01, 12:47 AM
Today I got the car up on stands and removed the wheels for the inevitable... it's time to get started on powder coating the wheels. I'm also taking this time to thoroughly inspect the car, as I really haven't since it was bought. I like the idea of catching the little problems before the big ones arise... like the suspension/alignment issue.

I am thinking about replacing the 11.25" solid rotors with cross-drilled units eventually, and possibly upgrading the calipers. In the meantime, here's a look at those nasty tires heading for the dump:

Front tires:

Rear tires:

Yeah, we seem to have some suspension issues, don't we? Hopefully nothing that a good alignment won't cure. The passenger side rear tire is actually the only one that shows no excessive wear. The driver's side rear tire actually has a broken belt on it's inner perimeter (you can see it in the picture) and also has some obvious wear on the outside patch of tread. I suspected this was the issue when the car shook madly at about 70mph. I'm glad THAT chapter is over with!

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speedracerfx OCT 01, 01:20 AM
Wow. That's an awesome looking car. I think my favorite thing is the idea of powdercoating the wheel centers black....the photoshop of that looks wicked.
Dragon OCT 01, 04:28 PM
That is a nice looking car

You need to say the heck with it all and come to the Key with the rest of us drivers


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ITALGT OCT 01, 08:59 PM
At this point I won't be able to make it to the Keys unless I win the lotto, and I don't play! Seriously though, my intentions were to have the car ready by then but I've just had too many financial set-backs over the past several weeks. I just bought this Fiero AND a house within a couple of months of each other, so as you can imagine I'm just a wee-bit tapped out at the moment. I've never been to the Keys before, but it's been a dream of mine for years. I just hate to do this, but I'm going to say the words... "maybe next year."

There, I said it.

Have patience, my fellow Fiero freaks... I'll be coming out of the woodwork here shortly. I just moved here from the mid-west not even a year ago... and I feel I'm just now getting settled in. I'll be working on this car to get it back on the road as soon as possible and get to those club meetings and shows. In the meantime, I've got some work to do! Tomorrow I will be bringing my wheels and tires to a tire shop to have them separated, then begin the prep on the wheels for the black powder coat.

Stay "tuned."

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ITALGT OCT 05, 08:34 PM
A quick photo-shop showing what I have in mind when I powder coat the wheels:

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ITALGT OCT 06, 12:12 AM
Update! A little change of plans on the powder coating... a quick photo-shop to demonstrate:

While I was masking the first wheel tonight, I came up with a change in design that I think will make a big difference in the way these wheels come out. In the following picture, I blacked out the inner lip of the wheel... much better looking in my opinion. It makes the wheel look bigger than it really is, and gives it a smoother look. By the way, the chrome and gold Enkei center-caps will be retained for now, it just isn't shown in these photos.

Red calipers maybe??? Hmmmmmm...

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jmbishop OCT 06, 01:02 AM

Originally posted by ITALGT:

[ I suspected this was the issue when the car shook madly at about 70mph.

Was it a shake or a wobble?
If its a wobble it could be solve by putting a hood vent, I had no Idea that was causing(or at least contributing to) my wobble problem till I took a trip down the highway with the hood off.

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ITALGT OCT 06, 01:45 AM was definately a shake, and by looking at the belt that is broken, I'm sure that it was the culprit. About the hood... a vented hood is in the future. Nice to know it will make it handle better too... =)