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ferrobi JAN 12, 03:34 PM
First time posting pics of my car -

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ferrobi JAN 12, 03:43 PM

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3.8T JAN 12, 03:51 PM
not bad, not bad at all...

how much?

rogergarrison JAN 12, 03:52 PM
Very nice and welcome. Judging by the green grass your either on west coast or in the south. Have fun with it and be prepared for long conversations at gas stations...........lol.
RTNmsds JAN 12, 04:08 PM
Hang around here long & I forsee an engine swap in your future. Congrads on the purchase.
ferrobi JAN 12, 04:54 PM
About the car -
'87 se with 21,000 miles
American Fiberbodies Int. kit bought in '94
Got 30K + into it so far
Would like a lt5 or ls7 in future done by Archie
Phranc JAN 12, 05:01 PM
realy nice kit. better then some ive seen
Archie JAN 12, 08:36 PM
Hey, looking pretty good Bob, Welcome to the Forum.


djbushman JAN 12, 08:43 PM

Awesome car dude, real head turner.


ferrobi JAN 13, 01:54 PM
Took a few more pics - here you go

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