F40 replica pics (Page 2/52)
ferrobi JAN 15, 02:48 PM
A note of thank's to:

GM for the fiero
Pininfarina for their great design
Norm's Fiberglass for the front spoiler - that thing is awesome
Rodney Dickman for various items including Euro short shifter
Skybax for the Euro shift plate
Ebay for so many things including real side fender shields for 40.00
Compomotive for those TS rims

and everyone who replied about pics

Thank's Rob

madcurl JAN 15, 03:12 PM
Any pics of the top of the seats? I like to see just how much clearance you have near the inside roof using those seats.




Archie's Choptop conversion #11, #15, Redux & The Stealth # 20

ferrobi JAN 15, 04:02 PM
2 more people to thank -

Archie for the assembly which is top notch - AMAZING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Can't wait for a V8

Cliff for his forum

Thank's Rob

ferrobi JAN 15, 04:33 PM
Madcurl there is 2.5" to the headliner

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RCR JAN 15, 05:11 PM
Very nice...Your car looks familiar. Have you posted pics of it before, possibly at Ari's? If not, welcome to Pennock's, and please join us at Ari's, too. www.kitcar.ca


Edit*** Just noticed I spelled the link wrong...DOH!!!

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ferrobi JAN 15, 08:42 PM
Bob, I have not posted pic's before and will try get to Ari's forum


FieroWannaBe JAN 15, 08:53 PM
Nice, 2 items of criticism for you, I think the car would be much more convincing if the wheels where spaced out so they are nearly flush with the body, 7mm or more it looks like, maybe less.
And does the wing have F40 embossed in it like the real thig? if not i would get a decal of it like this

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madcurl JAN 15, 09:09 PM

Originally posted by ferrobi:

Madcurl their is 2.5" to the headliner

Thanks. Hmm. I might have room for the chop?

Who did your carbon door/latch/bezel surround?

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ferrobi JAN 15, 10:23 PM
Madcurl - The seats might be lowered a bit if you used a different kind of track. I used the fiero track bolted to another piece of steel stock with holes drilled in that to match the momo seats hole pattern. That probably added about 3/4" or 1". I'll check it out and post pics of tracks if you want. The carbon fiber dash pieces were bought off of ebay - they are real CF and if you want i can get you the guy's name that i bought it from. I installed them myself - pretty easy.


FieroWannaBe JAN 15, 11:25 PM
Care for a sig?
let me now if you want it or not, or want cahnges made.