Clutch bleeding problem 88 gt 5 getrag (Page 1/1)
zobari NOV 28, 01:04 PM
Hello everyone.

I have a very annoying problem with my fiero 88gt clutch bleed.

When, I bleed the hydraulic system of the front and rear clutch system (master and salve cylinder) after 30km the problem returned with air in the system.

What could be the problem, according to you?

The symptoms are that the gears don't shift at all.

The master and slave cynlinder is brand new from Rodney Dickman.

I bleed the front with the kit, then I've bleeded the rear with a pipe and oil and a
Jar to expel the air.

Then concerning the slave, I remove the rear bleed screw I push the mechanism of the rod then another person tightens and I let go and the problem disappears for a while then comes back ...

What do you think ?
Could this be a bad bleed?

Thank you in advance for your responses.

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mcguiver3 NOV 28, 02:34 PM
I would see how much travel you have in the slave while its being actuated.
You need almost 3/4 to 1" of travel there.
Skybax NOV 28, 04:04 PM
Getrag will never see 1" of travel (impossible physics) unless you have the wrong slave on the car, see this thread from yesterday...

As far as bleeding goes, the way I do it for best results is, I have everything hooked up but the slave unbolted from the bracket, this way I can easily push the plunger into the slave with it pointing downward and the bleeder facing upward, with a clear tube going from the bleeder into a jar, drawing fluid from the master (acting like a vacuum power bleeder) and refilling master after every stroke, and doing it over and over until fluid runs clear with no air bubbles, and the final step is pushing the plunger into the slave and tighten the bleeder, then bolt the slave to the bracket.

If you are successfully bleeding the system with Rodney's parts and problem (air) returns, I would double check the hydraulic connections because the chances of the new master or slave being bad is unlikely (but not impossible).

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zobari NOV 29, 04:18 AM

Thank you for your advices, i will check it.

ZaraSpOOk NOV 29, 05:56 PM
I have no idea what the bleed procedure is with non stock parts, but you can bleed yourself with stock parts:
I use an old Xcountry ski pole to depress clutch with left hand, loosen and tighten bleed screw with right
most work on the Fiero is a pain in the butt, but bleedin' aint one of them