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paulsobj MAY 15, 01:33 AM
This is my second thread due to the original having a misleading title. I was not able to edit the title so...I made a new one. I want to make it easier for people searching to find this build.

Well I took a few pics of what is going on at the shop. Currently we have an mostly original 88 GT Manual

It was looking a little lonely so I went on the hunt for a companion. I found a nice 88 4 cyl 5 spd with a locked engine. I had to drive 4.5 hrs to get it in eastern WI.

Looks like it was originally a red car.

So now thats all done I think i like the GT look ... hmmmm well I found a guy with a fully parted 88 GT.

Look its a Fiero on a shelf!

So the plan so far is to get a series II 3800SC out of a 99-00 GTP. Then I need to find an F40 F23. I heard that the 07 G6 are better (noise reasons) then the 06. But I have found contradicting info about the bell housing. car-part shows that they are interchangeable (06-07). I have seen some people say that 07 needs an adapter plate? any thoughts? Well this build isn't going to start until this fall due to me moving. That doesnt stop me from collecting parts.

I also am working on a custom 88 cradle. I am going to make 10ish if people are interested. It wont be a bunch of straight pieces welded together.... that looks cheap. I plan on using a pipe bender and weld the joints. I hope that description helps. The reason for this is 1) The cradles need to be modified to fit the engine/trans anyway. Some people cant/ dont have the ability to weld. 2) The stock cradle seems a little wimpy. This also will be a project that will start this fall/winter.
paulsobj MAY 15, 01:35 AM
Well as usual plans change.

Today I bought a 2002 40th anniversary GTP with no title and needs valve cover gasket, LIM gasket, HP PS hose that doesn't matter because i'm deleting PS. How much? Get ready....$200! I will post more info when I get the car to the shop.

I also changed transmissions. I am getting a 02 Cavalier 2.2L vin 4 F23 (00-02 works also) and swapping the gears with a 2010 Cobalt SS F23 3.63 opt FY1 Gears.
paulsobj MAY 15, 12:41 PM
Well as promised here are a few pictures of the 3800 I bought. Has 160K on the engine. I think I can make a little money parting out the Grand Prix. It will help offset the cost of driving to Oshkosh to pick up the Fiero.

cam-a-lot MAY 15, 02:43 PM
Good luck on the build!

I hope to see you detail the gear swap in the F23- as that is the one thing I really don't like about my F23.. the stock gearing. Curious to see how much of a difference it makes
solotwo MAY 15, 06:56 PM
Nice Garage!
paulsobj MAY 15, 09:09 PM
I will try to document it as best I can. I am trying to decide if i NEED to buy the kit do do the swap. It looks like it will make life a lot easier to say the least.

Thanks, I need it to feed the addiction haha.

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paulsobj MAY 17, 03:29 AM
We picked up the F23 today. This is from a 2010 Cobalt 2.2L, 3.63 FY1 option with 59,000 miles for $175. This will be used for the gears only. The Case that will be used I will get from a 00-02 Cavalier 2.2L 8th digit VIN 4 (NOT 2.4L OR VIN F). Note in the picture for those not aware the bolt pattern highlighted will NOT bolt up to the 3800. The Cavalier has 3.93 Gears that are not ideal at all for the 3800 engine. One thing that will have to be addressed is the input shaft is a little too long. I will try to find a few options to address this. One I have seen is a simple grinder.

Some more pictures if anyone was interested in the 3.63 differences

the HTOB line.


Just for fun my dad put the GTP vents on the Fiero

So the next step is to pick up the Cavalier F23 and swap the Gears out. I would like to know from anyone that has done this swap or even rebuilt the F23 without the tool kit? I would like to skip the tool kit but if it is necessary then I will get one. Also I am looking for someone to do the harness. Sent out two PM's a few days ago. I might do it myself if I cant afford to get a plug-n-play.
paulsobj MAY 22, 04:43 PM
Well a small update I have today. I hope that my research has done me well and all the parts are correct.

SPEC 3+ Clutch SC883F w/Clamp load $500 + Clamp load $100 + S&H
Fuel Pump GM #25163473 $80 + $20 S&H
Water Pump NAPA #TFW 42097 $40
Clutch Bolts GM #24571667 11 lb/ft + 50° (use a bit of red thread lock on the bolts) $32
Flywheel Bolts GM #24505092 15 lb/ft + 45° (use a bit of red thread lock on the bolts) $26
Fuel Filter NAPA #FIL 3481 $16
Thermostat NAPA #THM 531080 180* $10
PCV NAPA #CRB 29307 $5

On a personal note So Tuesday my wife and son (2mo old) are taking a nap when at least one possibly two people try to burglarize our house. The day before our neighbors front door was picked and they did get burglarized. Then today we go to the beach, we pull up to a guy stealing stuff from a car. Broke the window, alarm going and all. Long story short he almost hits my car with his.. (wait it was a stolen truck so it wasn't his) someones truck, tries breaking my window and telling me hes going to kill me. I wont go into details but It was very eye opening. I was thinking of getting a CAC permit when I move....now thats a for sure.... I might have been more confrontational but I thought that might put my wife and son in more danger.

olejoedad MAY 22, 07:41 PM
Honolulu police in Minnesota?
Sorry for the dishonest people haunting your neighborhood.
Do you have a dog?
paulsobj MAY 22, 08:29 PM
haha I knew someone would ask. I am stationed in Hawaii currently. I am moving back to MN soon. So when I say in my build "I" went to ...it was my dad or a friend. We do have a 85lb German Shepard/Lab that is the reason they didn't break in. I don't think they ever saw my wife. She said the dog (Bowser) woke her up trying to break the glass door to get outside where the guy was.