What Did You Do To Your Fiero...TODAY ? (Page 1/683)
cliffw AUG 27, 12:27 PM
I started the engines on all three (running ones), worked the controls, took two of them for a drive.
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Jarhead 2m4 AUG 27, 12:44 PM
I bought some door sills on ebay.
FieroWannaBe AUG 27, 12:45 PM
I had to push it to turn it around and back it in my garage, and I purchased lumber to build a gantry to pull the cradle
FieroRumor AUG 27, 12:51 PM
I bumped my "for sale" thread in the Mall...
Fiero Thomas AUG 27, 12:53 PM
Spit on it. Just kidding

Started to paint the 85gt that I had.

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Red97 AUG 27, 01:02 PM
i bought a new slave cylinder, and replaced the passenger side head light assembly(couse it missteriously stoped working last night). i serched for a mastercylinder..see the mall. and i attempted to remove the headlight bulbes from one of my project cars ( couse there green lights super bright) but soon realized i couldent get to the bottom screws that hold the chrome ring on. i guess you have to remove the assembly to change a bulb?!?!?!?!
pontiacman63383 AUG 27, 01:24 PM
Gave my friend chris a ride in it to go look a an MR2 he wants. Test drove the mid 80's ish MR2 my Fiero was way faster. he still wants it though.
RWDPLZ AUG 27, 01:26 PM
Took it to the tire place to have a nail removed and patched. Hey if I had the equipment I'd do it myself!


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avengador1 AUG 27, 01:28 PM
I covered the engine and hooked up the battery maintaner again after using it yesterday.
Old Lar AUG 27, 01:31 PM
Used the California duster on my 88, then put the car cover on it.