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hard code 15 on DOHC by Erik
Started on: 07-12-2003 08:33 PM
Replies: 42
Last post by: TK on 02-15-2004 08:57 PM
joshua riedl
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first off i never used any cuss words only a little sarcasm after you refused to listen so i don't think i'm the one who needs to calm down. i remember answering this question before with the exact pins. and i stand by what i said. the diagram above is wrong. the computer read the temp before the conversion and if you don't do anything it will read the temp after the conversion. you just also want the temp gauge which is an entire different animal. C2 on the C500 is for the gauge, if you have that option, hook it up to the sensor on by the trans. it may or may not run through the engine harness, mine doesn't but the diagram shows that it does. now the fan thing which was asked before, connect D1 on the C500 to A9 orange plug on the ECM.
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Wuzzy, sorry for trashing this thread, i have ignored Josh in several other threads, but im just pissed off at this point.

I agree, what works. I cant see how the diagram Erik posted will work,

One, how does the 5V get split into two 2.5 the way he shows it. For a series i understand you need to wire power from sorce to "A", use ground from A to power "B" and then run B back to ground. That is not what he shows, it looks like a parallel wireup.

The way its shows is that both CTS are getting 5V, so what gives.

Two, how does the gauge get its information, if you cut off its "signal" to the gauge, in Eriks diagram the CTS no longer sends any signal to the gauge.

all i want is to wire up this thing and get it on the road, im not looking at starting any pissing contest.


*edit - im going to stick with what Josh and TK have said, im leaving it wired up like the GM diagrams, and ill try it that way first. Also, Josh understand that the engine is not in the car, and so i have no way of checking to see if its correct yet. I still have a long way before i put it in the car and "fire it up". **

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I think all this thread points out is the frustration of trying to get stuff right in the face of differing suggestions. There is no nice way to tell someone to not listen to others and there's no graceful way to back out of something when you give the wrong information (not that I've ever done that.... )

It sounds like you have it straightened out and that's the objective. Hopefully what ever website that shows the incorrect wiring will get fixed.

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