Let's see the Ugliest fiero pics........ (Page 1/31)
NY_FIERO JUN 04, 01:03 PM
Not to start a waqr but let's see the Ugliest fiero's... I know this is opinin based so don't get a worked up if your ( or my) fiero appears...
Black-Azz-GT JUN 04, 01:08 PM
This was at daytona.

MontrealMike JUN 04, 01:33 PM
It that the truck downgrade kit
NY_FIERO JUN 04, 01:38 PM
that is indeed ugly...
soup JUN 04, 01:39 PM
it is a half finished jalapeno.. i like those things, i think they are ugly, but for some reason, i like them.
Fiero38SC JUN 04, 01:51 PM
I would be very careful with this thread. If I had put that much work into a car, I would be upset. Everyone has their own opinion. This forum has become a place to express that opinion in the wrong way. Please keep it clean and remember that someone may think your car is the ugliest.
Fiero~Spataro JUN 04, 02:02 PM
the front end looks cool! i think its a montana bumper, very creative.
but ya everyone get ur flame suits


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WingNut - MD JUN 04, 02:16 PM
I had someone tell me last year at a cruise night that I should have got a fastback, and that silver is a really ugly color, so my ugly fiero is in my sig

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Jeremiah JUN 04, 02:26 PM
Would it be a flame to say anything that isn't a notchback is ugly?

/ducks rotten fruit

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madcurl JUN 04, 02:28 PM

Originally posted by Black-Azz-GT:

This was at daytona.

The front fascia looks good to me. I like the round fog light.