LOTS of parts from all years! (Page 1/10)
handymanpat NOV 04, 09:44 PM
I own 4 fieros and at this point I am pretty sure what I need to keep and what I need to give away and sell.
Let me know what you are wanting and I will see what I have. I can get you photos and information about the parts
I dont call this place "fieroland" for nothing!
Let me know what you need.
Thanks Pat Moody (Texas)

pat moody

hercimer01 NOV 04, 11:17 PM
I need a rear (trunk side) exhaust manifold for a 2.8. Shipped to 61107

Project Genisis Lo Budget 3800SC swap
12.840@104.8 MPH Intense-Racing 1.9 rockers, 3" exhaust, 3.4 pulley, ZZP tune and 18 year old tires.

88 Coupe under construction SOLD

88 formula 3.4L 4t60 swap SOLD

fierofrenzy NOV 05, 06:40 AM
Do you hace an 88 Formula steering rack ? Also, rear brake dust shields.
nosrac NOV 05, 01:38 PM
Hey man, I need the plastic piece behind the air dam under the radiator on the 88 coup.
Fiero Master NOV 05, 11:18 PM
Pat, I need the black molding along the bottom for my newly acquired second Formula. I need the left side molding.

88 Formula

Fiero Master NOV 05, 11:26 PM
Pat, also looking for a right side notchback sail window and a right front side marker molding that is smooth. Thank you.

88 Formula

PaulJK NOV 06, 03:21 AM
Need a radiator coolant overflow tank. sent to las vegas 89103.
handymanpat NOV 06, 09:50 AM
I make sure to respond to everyone through pm. If I do not have what you need I try and refer you to people I know that have parts!
You can also email me at handymanpat926@yahoo.com.
Thanks Pat

pat moody

30+mpg NOV 06, 11:06 PM
2 parts from the steering column

cancel cam
lock plate retaining snap ring


FieroMontreal NOV 08, 03:52 PM
Passenger notchback tail light