northstar fiero based kit car (Page 5/5)
Quad GT MAR 05, 02:37 AM
What are the dimensions of this frame
I have a Cimbria SS body that needs a frame badly
john austin MAR 05, 10:38 AM
let's start with wheelbase, which is 95 inches
john austin MAR 24, 09:56 AM
Quad GT, I am guessing you were kidding about a chassis for your car. But if I was younger and in better health, I would build you a chassis for that vehicle.
john austin MAR 31, 11:38 AM
I've had a couple of people interested at $20k, so it looks like that is the fair price. fwiw
john austin APR 07, 12:11 PM
There is a design feature that I incorporated into the chassis that I would like to mention - the ability to use multiple different powertrains. The chassis accepts a k member that bolts in with 4 bolts. Unbolt one powertrain and bolt another in. Before health became an issue, I had planned at least 2 different assemblies - the original NorthStar and a w41 quad 4 setup. But the capability is there for many combinations - 3.4 v6, supercharged v6, small block chevy, etc. Hope there is enough info here to understand.
john austin APR 12, 04:21 PM
strange things are happening. I can't take trade in's as it defeats my purpose to downsize, but strangely enough I've had 2 buyers that wanted to trade as partial payment T Bucket roadsters. Are all the T Bucket guys wanting to move up to NorthStar powered 550 roadsters? ;-)