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sardonyx247 JAN 30, 06:02 AM
Please see $100 brake upgrade then return here.

I am selling modified used and new(reman'd) boosters which I have modded to work in the Fiero. As per thread above.

UPDATE: I now have the tools and equipment to disassemble the boosters and reassemble them. I no longer have the weld the rods together.

I disassemble both boosters, remove the Fiero pushrod and install it into the bigger booster. Then reassemble the bigger booster and vacuum test the booster for leaks and make sure they provide brake assist. I also removed the Fiero bracket and add it to the bigger booster.

As plug and play as you're going to get, (since I cannot mod your car for you, for fitment )
You will NOT find another more plug and play, ready to go booster.

**** There is a CORE CHARGE ****
Unfortunately I need your old booster back now, (as prices went up, and well.. due to needing boosters)
But buy doing so, I will be able to offer this service forever. Better brakes for everyone

This is the BEST brake upgrade you can do, night and day difference. I have done the big rotor upgrades for people and nothing compares to this. And this works with all the bigger rotor upgrades too, to get even more out of your big rotor upgrade.
Modified new booster $170 (rebuilt) (these are gray in color)
$50 Core, Fully refundable upon return of old booster. As long as your core is shipped out to me by 30 days of you receiving your new one.
USA $29 (I know $29 for shipping, but that is what the post office charges me now, rates went up)
Canada $58
Australia $84 (Have to find out after rate increase)

I use paypal and ship USPS.
All boosters are tested before they are shipped out.

DISCLAIMER: (as with all brake upgrades)
For off road use only, Buyer takes all responsibility for anything that may or may not happen with this swap.

If you want one let me know and it is about 2 days out from order.

Here are a couple of pics of the new(reman'd) booster. It has all new rubber inside and new seals. Basicly it is brand new, even the steel inside looks new. It also has a rust proof coating on the outside. I have allready modded this one with the Fiero pushrod and bracket.

These are used thus misc minor scratches etc. (I am only selling the new(remaned) now.

Here are sample pics of the first one I did for my Fiero. (Thus the dirt in the pic, I haven't wiped it off yet)


'84 Fiero, engine to be determined
'87Blue GT 3.4L Swap Completed!!!!!!!! Boosted!!!!!!!
^^^^ Now in the Construction Zone^^^^
Las Vegas Fiero Club Parts/Sales/Service/Club
Fiero Road Club Of Northern Nevada

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sardonyx247 FEB 01, 12:45 AM
Here are some pics of the size difference from the stock to bigger booster.

Here are some pics of where the Fiero needs to be "modded" for the bigger booster to fit.
I scraped off the paint where it was dented to show better in pics. (this was done on a test fit junk car) It's really not much.

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sardonyx247 FEB 03, 06:03 AM
Another one for sale,
see first post
Australian FEB 05, 06:51 AM
Please pm me with the price and your paypal address shipped to 2074 Australia.
brownc00 FEB 05, 09:38 AM
Put me inline if your sale falls through. PM me your Paypal address if you decide to sell. Mine will be US shipping to WI.
I FAR I FEB 05, 11:22 AM
I'd like one too thanks, shipped to Ontario Canada when available.....heck, it's one of the main reasons I joined this forum!

sardonyx247 FEB 05, 04:29 PM
PMs replied.

The one in the pics is sold, I will be making more.

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sardonyx247 FEB 09, 01:59 AM
I got 3 more I am working on,
They have allready been vacuum tested and no leaks found.

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sardonyx247 FEB 12, 03:22 AM
3 are ready, and for sale.
sardonyx247 FEB 13, 12:30 AM
Added new pics of the current one.

See first post.