Code 32 fixed - New EGR control solenoid. (Page 1/1)
phonedawgz MAR 24, 09:01 PM
I am in the process of making a replacement EGR control solenoid that I will offer for sale. The new solenoid will occupy the same physical space as the existing, will have the same electrical and vacuum lines however will look different. The control solenoid will have two diagnostic LEDs to help to troubleshoot if something other than the EGR control solenoid is causing the Code 32.

The cost of the solenoid will be $90 plus shipping.

Also available will be a diagnostic cable with the LEDs and a digital EGR vacuum display to troubleshoot Code 32 problems caused from things other than the EGR control solenoid. This would be a returnable item.

I have this working on a test basis now and should have it available for sale soon.
Shho13 MAR 24, 09:50 PM
This is really great news!!! That damn code 32 will finally be easier to troubleshoot

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phonedawgz MAR 24, 10:23 PM
There are three main reasons for getting Code 32. Bad control solenoids, bad vacuum lines, and bad EGR valves, depending on how they fail. Your EGR valve could be non-functional and you could not be getting a Code 32. The code 32 only checks the the vacuum lines and control solenoid. It doesn't know if the EGR valve itself has moved.
fierogt28 MAR 26, 08:58 PM
Realistically, if you have Rodneys or TFS vacuum lines and your new EGR solenoid, there should be no code 32 problems.

Plus, every fiero owner should replace their EGR valve with a new AC Delco unit for piece if mind.

I bought Paul Vargyas refurbished EGR solenoid years ago (2010) and have a new EGR valve from 2008, and Rodneys vacuum lines (2010)
and never good a code since then.

Would like to try / buy yours, and as a back-up replacement.


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