Updating power window switches (Page 1/1)
N0ctrnl MAR 19, 08:59 PM
So with inspiration from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G5AwJIhKT2k, I went to the junkyard and grabbed a couple of power window switches from an 05 GM vehicle of some sort at the junkyard. (I can't remember if it was an Aztek or a Suburban now). I'm having next to no luck with this though.

Has anybody swapped in the newer GM window switches? I do like that they illuminate, and it should technically be possible. Just not connecting the right sequence of wires thus far I guess.

The part # from the switch I'm trying is 15122224.


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Donster MAR 20, 03:39 AM
Not sure if this will help you any, but the Ogre has an article in his cave under "Options & Projects - Make Me", to include wire schematics.

Might be worth looking at.

You can find the link to his cave at the bottom of every page of the forum.

Good luck.

Neils88 MAR 20, 11:21 AM
I wrote up a thread a while back that covered doing a quick conversion from manual to power windows/locks. This may have some info that could help you.