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johnt671 MAR 19, 04:30 PM
So I took my 84 out for it's wake up nap. It was good to get it out again, like reuniting with an old friend. But she has a problem. When I used the turn signals, The bulb in the dashboard blinked but the right turn bulb didn't work. I check the front and rear blinkers and they worked, so off I went. When I got back home I had to disconnect the battery to do some work on the battery tray. I did what I had to do and rechecked the the turn signals, and now The left interior bulb wasn't working and neither buld blinks inside, but all work on the outside.

What do you think?
theogre MAR 19, 06:45 PM
turn on parking lights w/ and w/o turn lights on.
Park on and dash blink is on then
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if side or both doesn't blink can still have same problem but likely the rear has problems.
also see

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johnt671 MAR 20, 04:56 PM
Thanks for the lead Ogre. I fixed this today. I went out to do your test and saw that the interior lights below the turn signals were flashing kind of dim. I didn't mention this yesterday because I was sure it was an 84 panel. But I had put on some white gauge faces on years ago. Trying to get the glue off I sort of messed up the faces and bought a replacement panel for an 84 (I thought) on E-Bay. I changed the odometer out for mine because I have close to 236,000 miles on the car.

Since yesterday was the first day I got to drive it I didn't see the blinker problem sooner. Based on this I put the new gauges in the old panel and put it back in. When I first tested it I was back to the left blinker only like the original problem. But when I hit the 4 ways the left bulb flashed but no right blinker. Most of you can guess where this is going, so I put a different bulb in the socket everything worked !

Oh happy day, I fixed it right? So I tried it out with the parking lights on, and it's still good. Headlights next. Both head lights come up then I hear a loud snap followed and a thud as the drivers headlight fell back down. It's not starting out well for the car so far this year.