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cvxjet OCT 10, 02:52 PM
I bought my 85 SE V6 new in May, and since I loved to go camping, I slowly figured out the best way to pack my car- at first, I had very little and was really "roughing it" but slowly I found better ways to pack stuff- and better stuff that was smaller or easier to pack.

It is strange to me that most magazine tests back in the 80s stated at first that the Fiero had 6.8 Cubic feet, then later they suddenly started saying 5.9. The higher number is still less than what I measure my Fiero at.

The rear trunk has an upper and lower level- Upper is approx 52" wide by 10"x10" which equals 5200 CI = 3 CF
(I will admit that I took out the trunk blower) The lower level is approx 35" wide by 12"x10" which equals 4200 CI = 2.4 CF

Then you have the front compartment- First, I store my jack in the "84" location, rather than sticking out in the middle of the compartment- I also do not have AC so that big pipe and drier(?) are not taking up room- My Father made a wood camping cabinet that fit up there- it was 21" wide by 16"x13" which equals 4300 CI = 1.2 CF

That equals 6.6 CF- But wait! There's more......I have some room behind each seat- I am 5' 8" so shorter than some- but I like having my seat back- even with the stiff steering; I get measurements of 24" high by 20" wide by 6" back of seat to bulkhead- that works out to 2880- but there are two of those spaces so 5760 CI = 3.3 CF

That takes it up to 9.9 CF! I will admit that normally, the stock Fiero would have a little less than this- AC, the stock jack mounting and the trunk blower- but even if you cut the back-of-seat area down by half the total should still be around 7.5 CF

To give you an idea of what I packed on my camping trips; a 3 man tent, a 2 burner propane stove, 2 sleeping bag/cot/pillow combos, 2 overnight bags, a small backpack with my hiking shoes inside, toiletries bag, Coleman flashlight/lantern(PN 5351 (Best damn light EVER! Left of MC), tarp for under the tent, water jug, axe, tool box (Under the seat)...and a rake to clean the campsite of needles and such...But not only that (And yes, the 2 sleeping bags means I was taking a GF with me), I could take either my 6" telescope or my Sevylor inflatable Kayak also.

The only thing that intruded in passenger compartment was the icebox, which went in the passenger footwell- against the door so there was still plenty of room for her legs.

Two incidents with this packing; 1) I pulled into Zion and started setting up my campsite- Tent, cot, sleeping bag (I was alone on this trip) then the stove, etc...While I was doing this, a guy in his RV next to me was watching- first thru the window, then at the front of the RV, and finally I walked over to get a can of chili from the box up front and he was peering into the front compartment- "Where the heck did you pack all of that stuff?" he asked.

2) At work a coworker had a 1st gen RX7- told me, I guess that Fiero is OK- too bad it doesn't have much I told him, "I'm prepping for a camping trip- I'll bring in my gear and at lunch we can transfer it to your car" We transferred approx' 2/3s of the stuff- and it filled his hatch all the way to the roof!

Any of you have "Packing the Fiero" adventure stories?

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Patrick OCT 10, 03:18 PM

Originally posted by cvxjet:

Any of you have "Packing the Fiero" adventure stories?

It's not a lot of stuff... but this is probably my favorite picture of my '86 GT which I used to transport a Fiero dual-outlet exhaust system. Having the passenger seat removed certainly helped. I had picked up the exhaust system at the wreckers an hour out of town, and got many weird looks as I was driving home on the freeway.

Toddster OCT 10, 03:51 PM
Rear trunk has 5.65 cubic feet of storage
RWDPLZ OCT 10, 04:00 PM
A full set of 4 13" wheels and tires (1 in trunk, 3 in passenger seat/area
A complete iron duke engine in pieces, engine block in passenger seat
4 toolboxes and a jack and jack stands

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BadNewsBrendan OCT 10, 04:05 PM
The same week I "finished" my engine swap (the first time) we loaded it down to go camping with 2 grown men in it. Tent, 2 large tool boxes for repairs, 2 pillows, 2 sleeping bags, snacks, 2 small backpacks of clothes, Use most of the space in the frunk, behind the seats and crammed the trunk full. At the gas station close to the camp sight we picked up a case of water and case of beer and strapped it to the luggage rack that was still on the deck lid at that point. Ultimate camping vehicle.

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fierofool OCT 10, 06:01 PM
My wife and I went on a weeklong camping trip and packed a 10 x 12 cabin tent, sleeping bags and blankets and pillows, coleman stove and fuel, bug lamp and power cord, coffee pot, a weeks worth of clothing for each, camera gadget bag, and had nothing except the gadget bag in the cockpit. I removed the spare tire to put the pillows and bug light up there.
fieroguru OCT 11, 01:10 AM
I once took out the passenger seat to pick up a ZF 6 speed for a C4 vette.
Dennis LaGrua OCT 11, 03:48 AM
I believe that the Fiero trunk was designed to carry two full golf bags or 6 pcs of soft luggage. Hence a set of Fiero specific luggage was sold as an option. That luggage is now very rare and hard to find. See here on this thread:
Fiero Luggage Thread

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Thunderstruck GT OCT 11, 09:21 AM

Originally posted by Dennis LaGrua:

I believe that the Fiero trunk was designed to carry two full golf bags or 6 pcs of soft luggage. Hence a set of Fiero specific luggage was sold as an option. That luggage is now very rare and hard to find. See here on this thread:
Fiero Luggage Thread

It appears as thought that thread is closed. Although I don't understand why.

It is very rare to find, or even see, the garment bag.

I happen to have every piece, including that garment bag.
fierce_gt OCT 11, 09:33 PM
not sure i'd take my fiero camping now, i've grown accustom to things like tents i can stand up in, and hard sided coolers, so unless i'm camping alone, that stuff just won't fit.

but in high school, i went camping with my fiero and a buddy and it worked out fine. I don't remember anything odd, other than almost cooking the hot dogs during the drive out (i had put them under the hood)

i've also packed up all my hockey gear(even as a goalie) into a fiero.

the thing is, while i COULD do these things, i wouldn't recommend them. most of the time it means putting 'dirty' items into 'clean' spaces of the car, and 'clean' items into 'dirty' spaces in the car.