Pennock's Fiero Gallery

Welcome to the largest collection of Fiero Images on the Internet! Was it difficult to collect these images, you ask? Actually, each and every one of these images were uploaded by the members of Pennock's Fiero Forum. Since its start on January 13th 1999, members have been posting an incredible amount of images to be included in their messages. Over 5000(!) images have been uploaded and all I did was make a selection.

So if you recognize an image, it's probably because it's yours! And if you don't want your image on these pages, please send an email to and I'll remove the image for you. Don't forget to mention the filename of the image. "That red Fiero" will not do!

To go to a section, simply click on the section on the left of the screen. This lay-out is by no means final, so if you have any suggestions please let me know! Enjoy!

- Cliff Pennock -