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Dang, what do I do??? 5-Speed by 82-T/A [At Work]
Started on: 06-10-2010 09:26 AM
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Last post by: Raydar on 06-10-2010 12:09 PM
82-T/A [At Work]
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So... I'm in the middle of completely re-doing my Fiero... and I've been wishy washy about whether or not I want to convert my Fiero over to a 5-Speed from an automatic. I very much dislike automatics in sports cars, and I've owned a manual transmission Fiero before so I know how much fun they are.

Since my wife gave birth to our daughter... I got rid of a lot of cool stuff I had because I didn't have the time, nor wanted the responsibility of taking care of all this stuff when I had bigger priorities (daughter, school, work, etc).

I got rid of my 5-Speed Porsche 944 (which I REALLY miss...) and my 5-Speed Pontiac Solstice (I was kind of over it... but still miss it).

So, what I've got left is my Fiero and my VW Bus in the garage. The Fiero hasn't run for years... but I've got everything I need to rebuild the whole car... so that's what I'm doing now.

Here's what I have for my 5-Speed swap:

1 - 5-Speed transmission, used... no idea what kind of condition it's in.
2 - 5-Speed shifter assembly
3 - 5-Speed shifter console cap
4 - Brand new clutch pedal from the Fiero Store w/ manual transmission pedal assembly.

I also have a set of coolant lines from a 5-Speed car as well.

Now, the thing is... I ASSUME the 5-Speed transmission I have works. I took it out of an 87 5-Speed V6 car that was bare bones. The gears seemed stuck, but when I dissasembled everything, I discovered that there was actually a piston missing from the engine?! It wasn't there... just gone!!!

When I pulled the motor, I heard all kinds of stuff ratling around in the oil pan... hah.

Anyway... the 5-Speed seemed solid. But I really don't want to just drop it in my car unless I know it works. WHAT can I do to ensure that it's good to go? Is there a place I can take it to rebuild it? Is there something I can do to open it up and clean it and make sure everything is good?

It's been sitting in my shed for like 2 years now... it's had some moisture in it and it's going to need some new odds and ends like a throw-out bearing and stuff.

Is there a shop that a lot of you Fiero guys trust to have your transmission checked over?


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5 speed....... all there is to it
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Originally posted by pontiackid86:

5 speed....... all there is to it


My 5-speed is the joy in driving my car, either that or taking hairpins at 30 mph
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If it were me I would just install and see how it works. You can tell more from driving it then you can from opening it up.

If you feel the need you can split the case on the trans. Its not difficult to do and will give you a look at its condition.

Before the splitting make sure you can shift to wll gears. Do this from the trans itself. Once split - Check the magnet for metal shavings. Check the gears themselves for chips and cracks. Check the shift forks for function and to see that the roll pins are still in place. And check the condition of the remaining trans fluid, particularly for brass/bronze flakes (this indicates synchro wear). Find some flakes is normal just not a large amount. Its impossible to phisically check the synchro rings without complete disassembly so there isn't much else you can do. They are usually what fails starting with 3rd gear.

Step by step on splitting the case and rebuilding...
I love my getrag and don't care for autos. The full conversion is a PITA though. Hope this helps.

Here is an inexpensive rebuild kit if you want to go that route...
Includes bearings (except input shaft bearing), synchro rings, and seals. I used it and all is well.

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Report this Post06-10-2010 12:09 PM Click Here to See the Profile for RaydarClick Here to Email RaydarSend a Private Message to RaydarDirect Link to This Post
If you can come up with a couple of axle stubs (the inner tripot ends) plug them into the differential housing.
Attempt to shake them up and down, one at a time. If you can feel any movement at all, or especially if one shaft shakes the other, the diff bearings have too much play.
If the diff is good, it's still no guarantee that the synchros are good, but if it's bad, fix it before proceeding.

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