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Here you can add your company to Pennock's Fiero Index. You may only add your own company! All fields marked with a * are required fields. Each field also has a small explanation, please read this carefully. Do not spam this index! Add your company only once. After you have entered all required fields, your company will be immediately added to the index. To edit or delete your information after it has been added, go to the index and click on your company-name. A new window will open. From there you are able to edit or delete your information. The password you enter on this page will be required for this.
Write down this password since you'll need it to edit or delete your entry later! Min 5, max 12 characters.
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Enter a comma-seperated list of the services/products you sell here. Do not list any prices, nor use it for anything else!
So GOOD: "Engine swaps, scoops, headlight motors, performance tuning". BAD: "The best prices! Only $30 for brake-pads! Get it here!". You'll be pulled from the index if you don't follow this rule, or worse: I'll edit it!
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Please review your entries and click the button. Oh, and did you write down your password?

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