How to fix a Fiero GM cruise control turn signal stalk. (Page 1/1)
hercimer01 MAY 27, 12:24 AM
I cant pay stupid crazy prices anymore. The Dorman ones are highly inferior in quality and I would rather have a repaired OEM one. So, here it is.

Use a good contact cleaner tor condition the contacts in the switch.

Crack open the end of the lever, it is glued on. Be careful not to mar it up.

The problem is almost always broken wires.

Square up and align the switch retainer.

Sparingly put a couple drops of super glue in the end cap around the edge that contacts the case end.

Snap in the set button and that's it.

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olejoedad MAY 27, 09:48 AM
Nicely done!
Tony Kania MAY 27, 10:43 AM
Thank you. I believe my cruise is broken the same way.

I have never thought of using my strippers as a vice. Great use of a tool.