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ProjectPb OCT 27, 05:54 PM
I would first like to say I do not take credit for this fix. It was found searching old posts and thought it be nice to take the info found and make a nice easy guide.

This will be a quick and easy fix with pics I did on both of my doors. The rattling was driving me crazy and being I live in PA we have a lot of bumps.
I hope I did not over do the post.

parts needed are door striker bolts
AutoZone and Advance Auto are Dorman Help! #38421 AutoZone Advance Auto
Napa brand #675-5138 Napa Auto Online

Remove plastic and discard then replace washer

Reinstall and enjoy.

The rubber of the latch assembly shrinks with age and the ware down in the strike bolt causing the most hated rattle over bumps.

The larger diameter of the replacement bolt makes up for the rubber shrinking in the door latch stopping the rattles.

I hope this is found useful


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rogergarrison NOV 21, 09:26 AM
You can also pick up some rubber bumper stops to put on a few places on the jams (top & bottom rear). Junkyard will yield some that just stick on and some with a screw in the middle.

I also get annoyed by dash and door rattles. Even my Mercedes has some door rattles and theyre latches are way overengineered.
fierogt28 NOV 24, 05:34 PM
I've done this swap with the exact striker bolts on both doors on my 88GT.

Really works nice, and stops the clunking rattles...

Thanks for sharing !!


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jimlong67 DEC 09, 01:09 PM
If you have trouble getting the old striker off, I tried a star point bit, it just striped out the striker. I tried a pair of Vice grips, a large pair of channel lock pliers, Use a small pipe wrench, it works like a charm.

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Dodgerunner JAN 12, 12:20 PM
Adding this as another option for latch repair.
Ponnari APR 01, 04:12 PM
Thanks for the info!!!!! Just what I needed! Doing both doors this weekend.
grkboy707 APR 05, 07:29 PM
"Needa" brand is #384212. Took care of this today, seems to do the trick, thanks! Those old ones were seriously stubborn though. You will need an impact driver for sure
phantaztix APR 27, 04:41 AM
Just wanted to add, that I did this fix as well, and it worked perfectly. I didn't know my doors could be so sturdy! One thing to remember, it takes a little extra effort to open/close the doors. Make sure your door is fully closed when you go driving.
FieroCat MAY 15, 02:35 PM
This helped my driver's door somewhat, but didn't get rid of the rattle completely. However, wrapping some electrical tape several times around the striker for some extra cushioning silenced it the rest of the way. It really needs that cushioning, when you shut the door it now feels firm, secure and quiet. I assume that the layer of rubber in the door latch originally has worn through and is mostly metal-on-metal now.

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johnyrottin SEP 03, 02:41 PM
Just used this thread's tip. Worker perfectly!