28th Street Metro Cruse is back on !! The date is August 27th 2022 (Page 1/1)
solotwo MAY 31, 08:18 PM
[b]Hey all you wonderful Fiero owners in all over the area . The Annual 28th Street Metro Cruise in Grand Rapids will soon be here. Once again the wonderful people at Harvey Automotive is setting aside spaces for Fieros to park and show off our cars. Harvey Automotive is across the street from Berger Chevrolet which has the biggest car show during the cruise. Arrive around 9 Am for the best parking spots. This is a great event and every year we get to "educate" many people about the wonderful Pontiac Fiero!

Hope to see you there, Steve

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solotwo JUN 13, 09:27 PM
Who all is coming? Let me know so that we can reserve a spot for you.

Thanks Steve
solotwo AUG 23, 06:25 AM
This Saturday is the big day. I hope to see some Fieros