The AZ Fieros' March Meet will be the BOP and GMC Car Show at the Pavillions (Page 1/1)
Kee588T FEB 24, 07:19 PM
The AZ Fieros' March Meet will be the BOPC and GMC Car Show at the Pavillions, Sunday March 15. If you are planning to attend let me know.  Please take advantage of the early registration if you are planning to enter the show.  Pretty good time.  Lots of really nice cars to look over.Hope to see a bunch of Fieros there - in or out of the show - even if they have lumped the mid engined two seater with the front engined Pontiac Soltice this year.
Kee588T MAR 14, 08:18 PM
Hey All
Heard officially last night that the BOP is still a go for tomorrow.  So hoping for a good showing.BUT IF!!! - you are showing any signs of flu (sore throat, sniffles, excessive sneezing and coughing PLEASE do not attend the show.  Stay home and get well.  For the rest of us that do take in the show, participate or not - please take whatever precautions you deem necessary for the foreseeable future.Best