Celebration planned, 25 Years of 'Golden Gate' Fieros, Saturday Sept 21 Fremont, CA. (Page 1/1)
rinselberg AUG 23, 06:55 AM
For the last 25 years, "Golden Gate Fieros" has been synonymous with Fiero expertise and enthusiasm among the denizens of San Francisco and many nearby cities and counties. From Geary Street, in the heart of downtown San Francisco, reaching as far south as Monterey, east to Oroville, north to Napa and even west, all the way to the Farallon Islands.

A 25 Year Anniversary celebration is planned for Saturday, September 21, in Fremont, California. Included, a buffet style dinner at a carefully selected dining venue.

I have a lot on my own "plate" (pun intended) at the moment, and so, without any Copy And Paste or otherwise duplicating information that has already been posted online... "If You Would Like To Know More"... please avail yourself of the hypertext Internet page link and scroll all the way to the end where it says "GGF 25th anniversary invitation" and "GGF 25th anniversary reservation form", select the DOWNLOAD option (it's PDF format) and if your setup works like mine, a new browser tab or window will open with all the most relevant information about this event.

Now, the hypertext Internet page link that awaits your mouse button event or other haptic input; to wit:

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rinselberg SEP 09, 05:01 AM
It's still possible to RSVP at the rate of $52 per person for the "25 Years of Golden Gate Fieros" celebration that will take place on Saturday, September 21, in Fremont, California.

We are now expecting a group of about 40 people, including a considerable number from years gone by... people that have not been recently active with the Golden Gate chapter, but who will be joining this event, almost like "ambassadors" from the GGF's earlier history.

There is an Invitation, which describes the event, and a Reservation Form, for RSVP, at the end of the event page on the chapter's "dot org" website. This is the Internet page link to use:

Reservations will be honored if received with Payment no later than September 14, and include the special buffet style dinner. After the September 14 deadline expires, we cannot guarantee the buffet style dinner, and anyone coming in after the September 14 deadline might have to forego the buffet style dinner and consider their options from the restaurant's regular menu, because of logistics.

In addition to what is described in the Invitation, we will have a Trivia Question contest, highlighting notable events and persons from the GGF chapter's 25-year history, and a GGF fund-raising Raffle with a very special Master of Ceremonies.

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