Mendon old car dust off (Page 1/1)
kendallville APR 11, 03:55 PM
kendallville MAY 04, 06:43 AM
bump to top Sunday is coming up fast. hope to see you there
kendallville MAR 30, 04:34 PM

Sad but true
olejoedad MAR 30, 05:26 PM
Wasn't hard to figure that would be happening.....

How are you doing?
kendallville MAR 31, 07:15 PM
Hurt my back last fall couldn't walk for 3 months . I had surgery at Christmas, doing better but
still having pain down my legs. sick of staying home, seems like I will never get out.
Hope you and Brian are ok.
kendallville MAR 29, 02:02 PM
I was really looking forward to showing off the car this year ( and eating pancakes )
But COVID strikes again
show postponed till next year. Lets the car get older. REALLY GETTING TIRED OF COVID!!
maybe next year I will be able to get in the car