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It is way different, and in a good way.
It comes partly from American indian influence and using different kinds of fire roasted pepper in their ground chili powder. (Chili powder and Chile powder are 2 different things). NM uses a lot of green sauce and not as much red.
Chile is a type of pepper, chile powder is the roasted or dried chile pepper and chili is a dish with chili powder being a blend of several different peppers and other spices.

I like food... and I try every day to stay a normal size / shape. I was always very athletic growing up, doing three sports a year, every year from middle school through high school. But once I hit my 40s... my metabolish definitely slowed down. I've got the "dad bod" right now, and am trying to get away from that... e.g., trying to not use food as entertainment.

But out of all the food I like, New Mexican food is hands-down my favorite. I always "feel good" after eating it, I never feel bloated, sick, or anything else. I can't even eat McDonalds anymore... I go to McDs and get, let's say... a #1? About an hour later, I feel like **** . I eat McDonalds maybe 2-3 times a year, if even that? And it's usually because I'm on a road trip.

But New Mexican food... I could eat that every day... but again, I cannot find anything like that anywhere, and when I find at least some of the dishes at a Mexican restaurant, it's fried and gross...