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longjonsilver NOV 24, 07:06 AM
From the medical journal "Circulation" a new study post jab

We conclude that the mRNA vacs dramatically increase inflammation on the endothelium and T cell infiltration of cardiac muscle and may account for the observations of increased thrombosis, cardiomyopathy and other vascular events following vaccination.

Argue with me all you want, if you're jabbed, you are just in denial. N there are crocs in da Nile.


Astronomy says we will find a coded signal from outer space. Then we'll KNOW that life exists there, for coded signals aren't by chance.

Biology says there are coded genetic signals in every cell, but we KNOW that no intelligence created life.

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olejoedad NOV 24, 07:13 AM
I can guarantee that everyone who has been vaccinated will die.

I can also guarantee that everyone who has not been vaccinated will die.
maryjane NOV 24, 10:21 AM
Here's your 'Dr Coleman' .

Pretty much a frequent (even full time) boater on 'da nile' himself.

Vernon Coleman (born 18 May 1946) is an English conspiracy theorist, anti-vaccination activist, AIDS denialist, blogger and novelist who writes on topics related to human health, politics and animal issues.

Coleman's medical claims have been widely discredited and described as pseudoscientific. He was formerly a newspaper columnist and general practitioner (GP).
Coleman qualified as a doctor in 1970 and worked as a GP. In 1981, the Department of Health and Social Security (DHSS) fined him for refusing to write the diagnoses on sick notes, which he considered a breach of patient confidentiality. He is no longer registered or licensed to practice as a GP, having relinquished his medical license in March 2016.

An anti-vivisectionist, Coleman provided a supplementary memorandum for the House of Lords on the topic of vivisection in 1993.

In 1994 Coleman was ordered to pay damages for threatening scientist Colin Blakemore, who had been targeted by anti-vivisection activists after a letter bomb sent by animal rights group calling itself 'The Justice Department' was sent to Blakemore's home, with another exploding an injuring three people. Coleman was later granted a temporary injunction by a High Court judge after saying he would publish a pamphlet with Blakemore's home address and telephone number to encourage the public to 'get in touch with you to discuss your work'. He was ordered not to publish anything that might jeopardize Colin Blakemore's safety and to give solicitors the names of anyone to whom he might already have given the information.

Coleman was reported to have been made an honorary professor by the International Open University based in Sri Lanka.
In 1987 Coleman appeared on the Central Weekend Programme as a skeptic against jogging for fitness.

Whilst working for The Sunday People, Coleman wrote that if children diagnosed with autism were "stuck up to their necks in a vat full of warm sewage for 10 hours they would soon learn some manners” and that diagnoses of hyperactivity and autism were “misused by middle-class, aspirational parents to excuse the behavior of their obnoxious children.

Writing for The Sun newspaper in the 1980s, Coleman denied that AIDS was a significant risk to the heterosexual community. He later claimed AIDS is a hoax, writing, "it is now my considered view that the disease we know as AIDS probably doesn't exist and has never existed". Such claims have been rejected by the medical community.

Coleman has claimed that COVID-19 is a hoax, that vaccines are dangerous and that face masks cause cancer, all of which have been debunked by the medical community.

In 2021, Coleman claimed "no one can possibly know if the [COVID-19] vaccine is safe and effective because the trial is still underway; thousands of people who had the vaccine have died or been seriously injured by it; legally, all those people giving vaccinations are war criminals". The claim was debunked by Health Feedback, a member of the World Health Organisation-led project Vaccine Safety Net. Coleman later claimed "COVID-19 vaccines are dangerous" and that "bodies of vaccinated people are laboratories making lethal viruses". Both claims were similarly debunked as inaccurate, misleading and unsupported by the Poynter Institute due to a lack of evidence from the legitimate medical community.

At an anti-lockdown protest in London on 24 July 2021, Coleman claimed that the wearing of face masks caused cancer, dementia, hypoxia and hypercapnia, bacterial pneumonia due to oxygen deficiency. These claims were similarly debunked by the medical community due to a lack of peer-reviewed evidence. Coleman later claimed that the wearing of face masks caused Mucormycosis, despite no link being found between mask wearing and Mucormycosis. All evidence suggests that wearing masks is an effective way towards protecting individuals from COVID-19

Usually referred to as a quack and his followers are known in the UK as quackers.

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sourmash NOV 24, 01:30 PM
olejoedad says you're gonna die anyway.
So it must not matter when you die with that position.

All the dead athletes from heart problems keeling over on the court, pitch and field who were mandated the shots? They were gonna die anyway.
olejoedad NOV 24, 02:35 PM
No one survives life.
steve308 NOV 24, 02:57 PM
It's amazing that with all the athletes falling over dead from exploding hearts the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, PGA. LPGA, etc can even field enough players to continue.
sourmash NOV 24, 03:31 PM

Originally posted by olejoedad:

No one survives life.

Yep, you might as well get it over with now.
rinselberg NOV 24, 05:42 PM
This Vernon Coleman who is touting this "jab is death" research report did not provide a direct link to the report--that would be the more usual custom.

I found it:

I see an Abstract. I don't see a complete research report.

The author is Steven R Gundry. He sells various dietary supplements and promotes what he calls "holobiotics."

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sourmash NOV 24, 05:46 PM
[QUOTE]Originally posted by rinselberg:

This Vernon Coleman who is touting this "jab is death" research report did not provide a direct link to the report--that would be the more usual custom.

I found it:

I see an Abstract. I don't see a complete research report.

The author is Steven R Gundry. He sells various dietary supplements and promotes what he calls "holobiotics."

Holobiotics? Like in holocaust?

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rinselberg NOV 24, 05:49 PM
It's on that Gundry web page I provided. Holobiotics, with a capital "H".