USFiero MAR 04, 11:52 PM
Quick! Go gas up RIGHT NOW! Fuel the national paranoia! (You you remember the 'gas out' campaign - you know, ONE day we buy NO gas?) I heard on the news that an up to 20 cent per gallon jump in gas prices MAY occur next week.

Or a giant meteor could smash into Nebraska.

Have a nice day.

maryjane MAR 05, 12:20 AM
gasoline futures indicate a very substantial hike this summer. According to NPRs economic 'wizards', it's due to a big increase in demand for gasoline---(get this)--IN CHINA!
According to the segment I listened to yesterday, the Chinese-not the Americans-are going to be playing the biggest role in dictating the demand for fuel in the future. Wasn't expected to happen for a couple of years yet, but looks like it's already here.
USFiero MAR 05, 09:26 PM
super... now we need to buy all their surplus bicycles like they bought up all our surplus scrap metal last year.

Hybrid Fiero here I come!

ryan.hess MAR 05, 11:35 PM
I'll just disconnect 4 injectors and run in 4 cylinder mode. Just like the good ol' 8-6-4 caddy engine.
FieroRumor MAR 05, 11:36 PM

Originally posted by USFiero:

Hybrid Fiero here I come!

One Step Further... (Thought If that was mine, I'd paint it a bit differently...

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Originally posted by FieroRumor:

One Step Further... (Thought If that was mine, I'd paint it a bit differently...

Just imagine all the battery acid that would go everywere if that thing were to be involved in an thankyou.

USFiero MAR 06, 04:18 PM
Well, today gas prices were already up fourteen cents at the same gas station since I posted this. dangit for being right. And there is that funky splash paintjob again:
Saw it here from the same stylin' crew:

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JazzMan MAR 06, 08:59 PM

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Hey Jazzman i'm not bashing technology by any means , I just noticed all those batteries and this thought of accident popped in my head resulting in a shower of battery acid "OUCH thats gonna leave a mark" An electric car would be cool especially when it comes to passing the gas station/oil changes/head gasket changes/stupid ignition problems . I'm ready for the MR. fusion to come out so i can swap it onto my car !
USFiero MAR 12, 12:31 PM
Well, since I last posted premium gas went from 1.99 to 2.14 per gallon.