New tags: [HIDE] ... [/HIDE] (Page 1/1)
Cliff Pennock JUL 20, 08:02 PM
I noticed lately there has been some discussion about whether or not some posted content was appropriate or not. And even though these thread were titled as "NSFW", it didn't give any indication what to expect when opening that thread. Some of these threads simply had some strong language, others actually displayed some adult images.

That's why I created the "HIDE" tags. It enables you to hide content behind a simple "Click to show" link. Clicking the link will display the contents. And when the contents are displayed, you can click it to hide it again. These tags will hide anything between them. A few examples:

"I saw that movie and I pretty much knew how it would end from the beginning (Spoiler: Click to show) which is why I hated it"

Below content NSFW (seriously)!

Click to show

How many Fiero drivers does it take to change a light bulb?
Answer: Click to show

For an explanation how the HIDE tags work, see the PFF Code page.