Attack on my software forum - reason PFF was closed for a while (Page 19/19)
86GT3.4DOHC MAR 07, 07:48 AM

Originally posted by ChevyBuff:

These things just don't happen over night it does take time.

Paperwork my man paperwork.

I know how long it takes to get through, but it just seems like he hasnt really moved on it yet. Not telling him what to do, but thats my opinion.

divilspawn MAR 08, 06:25 PM
Just noticed this thread and it made me kinda sad. More so I will probably be unable to contribute to the "sue the ****ers" campaign due to needing to make rent. However if you would like a hand on the IT side send me an email and I'll be more than happy to lend a hand and know a few other people that could lend a hand with the site/any other IT Issue as well.

Raydar MAR 18, 03:32 PM
Anything new?
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