Slow/Unreacheable (Page 1/1)
Cliff Pennock JUL 16, 06:39 AM
At this moment, there's a problem with the DNS which is used by my server. This causes reverse lookups to fail and therefore slows the forum down tremendously (the DNS lookup needs to time out first before my server serves the page). The DNS server is out of my control so all I can do is sit back and wait until the problem resolves itself...

My apologies for any inconvenience.

hugh JUL 16, 06:57 AM
WOW!Talk about slow.I'll be back on tonight,I hope it's fixed by then.If it's out of your control Cliff,don't apologize!
hugh JUL 16, 07:01 AM
It looks like it has been corrected while I was on this page.Thanks for the advisory though Cliff.
Cliff Pennock JUL 16, 07:07 AM
Yes, I noticed everything coming back up too. Phew!