Design the top graphics and win a Fiero Can Cooler! (Page 1/9)
Cliff Pennock JUN 02, 02:36 PM
Ok, not much of a prize really, but I need a new graphics for the top of the forum pages. I could do it myself again, but apparantly there are far more better graphics artists here than I will ever be.

I'm talking about the graphics band at the top of the page with the PFF logo and the various Fiero graphics. The graphics should be at least 1200 pixels wide and a height of between 65 and 100 pixels. You are totally free in your design, as long as the PFF logo is visible.

You can upload the graphics to my server or any other place you like, and post the link in this thread. Please do not post the graphics itself in this thread to prevent unnecessary horizontal scrolling. You can however post a smaller version for previewing (max 600 pixels wide). You can put your name or username in the graphics somewhere, something like "graphics by myusername" (please, not too big ) preferably in the lower left corner so it's visible even on lower resolution screens.

Like I said, the winner will receive a very cool Fiero Can Cooler! Heck, I'll even throw in a second one!

So c'mon, let the games begin!

If you need the logo, here it is with a black background and a white background.

Jake_Dragon JUN 02, 06:30 PM
Just a quick one
Kameo Kid JUN 03, 12:39 AM
Cliff you have a PM..


AusFiero JUN 03, 05:59 AM
Well here is one option.
Set some preferred guidlines Cliff. It will make it easier
This one is only 60 pixels high though and more an adaptation of the existing header and the current site colours.

Click Here


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Cliff Pennock JUN 03, 06:26 AM
Originally posted by AusFiero:

Well here is one option.

And a pretty cool one at that.

Set some preferred guidlines Cliff. It will make it easier

I'll leave that completely up to you. Like I said, I've really only got 3 requests: that the PFF logo is there, that it's at least 1200 pixels wide, and that its height (without the flags, since those are seperate) is somewhere between 60 and 120 pixels. JUN 03, 07:19 AM
I think Clif could set something up so we could all vote on them.????
Kameo Kid JUN 03, 12:45 PM
Cliff where and how does one get into the gallery of pictures you set up outside of PFF, was it in yahoo??
Reality JUN 03, 11:10 PM
Until I figure something further out here is what I have done.

Actually Click Here!


Get the Wallpapers here!

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Gridlock JUN 04, 12:39 AM
I vote for Reality's(so far)
Kameo Kid JUN 04, 01:39 AM
This is going to take some time, nothing to rush into...