Oh my gawd! (Page 2/3)
I swallowed that one...hook...line and...SINKER.
Monkeyman APR 02, 01:07 PM
So did I. Good one, Cliff! All of the technical mumbo jumbo made it convincing. Tell the truth. Was Ogre in on this???
Ozzy APR 02, 02:12 PM
Yeah, YeaH...I knew that

Kinda thought that after Standard put it out there, but I agree...Your long line o' B.S. definatley sold it to me.

Call me sucker


Patrick APR 02, 03:02 PM

Ummmm.... I was in on it all along. Sure fooled you guys, eh?

Hey, how come nobody believes me??!!!

Standard APR 02, 03:51 PM
Definatly had me fooled for a second, tho.. when you use all those technical terms people just assume you're telling the truth.. hehe. good one, Cliff!!
Cliff Pennock APR 02, 06:07 PM
Yeah sorry guys, simply couldn't resist! Thanks for taking it so lightly! I was kinda worried people would start shortening pins on their ECM just to figure out what I was talking about...
Formula APR 02, 08:10 PM
I have to print this out and take it to school tommorow. I'll have a whole school shorting out there computers!!!!
2FAST4U APR 02, 08:28 PM
Damn, I thought My prayers hadreally been answered.
Oh well
Cliff you win the grand prize in my best of April Fools Contest. First Prize? A manual on automotive ECUs. I'll send it anyways. I'm sure it will do you mo good than me. I'm not ECU literate enough to understand most of it anyways.


Raydar APR 03, 01:21 AM
Good one Cliff!
If you can't dazzle 'em with brilliance...
twofatguys APR 01, 02:16 PM