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Cliff Pennock OCT 04, 09:18 AM
Some time ago we were talking about some kind of card that we could give out to other Fiero owners we meet. I've created a simple card and would like some feedback from you:

If you have any suggestions, let me know. I can convert this to different file formats like Photoshop, Illustrator, Corel Draw or MS-Word so you can print it out yourself.

DJRice OCT 04, 09:32 AM
This looks pretty good......

I like it.

TOM OCT 04, 11:08 AM
RICK OCT 04, 12:58 PM
It looks great! I give it two thumbs up.
DaRkLoRD OCT 04, 03:58 PM

I just saw a Fiero in the student parking lot at my school.. One of the hubcaps has fallen off, as well as half the exhaust....

looks like it needs a lot of work. I might stick this card on the windshield..

Gokart OCT 04, 07:24 PM
Good job Cliff! Looks like I'll be doing some printing tonight!
jhar OCT 04, 07:32 PM
would be a great way of turning people on to your great forum. i can't go a day without it...
lowCG OCT 04, 07:52 PM
Definately a go.
Cooter OCT 04, 08:47 PM
Looks great!
I hate it!!!! It's the dumbest.....LOL, just kidding. I like to be different.. I have many times wanted to let the person driving the beat up Fiero(s) around town where to go for help on fixing that thing up. Now I have something to give them (besides a dirty look)