Stock flywheel for an 86 2.8 (Page 1/1)
Trinten FEB 12, 04:56 PM
Hi guys,

Chug (a member here but he isn't on very often) needs a good 84-87 flywheel for the Fiero he's building for his son.

I can find plenty of '88 flywheels, but I understand those are all neutral balanced, and the 84-88 are all weighted / unbalanced.

Annoyingly, GMPartsGiant has a flywheel, but they are listing the same part number for all years, and don't have a picture of both sides. They are listing part number as 10118669. Does anyone know if this is for the 88 or the 84-87?

Does anyone have one they'd be willing to part with, or can confirm if that part number is right for the 84-87?

(I emailed them as well, waiting to see if they respond).

Thanks all!