Free Sealed Power .030 Overbore Pistons - 2.5 Iron Duke (Page 1/1)
82-T/A [At Work] FEB 12, 02:42 PM
Hey guys, I have a brand new set of 4 Sealed Power pistons for the Iron Duke at .030 overbore. They are free to anyone who wants them, just reimburse me for shipping when you get them. They have never been used, but I ended up going with a .040 overbore set of Sealed Power pistons. They are brand new from Rock Auto Closeout... matching set of 4.

PM me your address, and I'll send them off when I can get around to it.

82-T/A [At Work] FEB 13, 07:32 AM
No longer available, I received a PM. Thank you.