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Kern FEB 07, 12:28 PM
Hello All,

The car is a 1988 GT.

I would like to buy an interior day/night mirror that has a good overall reflective surface. The one in my car is not too bad but has a couple of areas that are dark.

I would also be interested if anyone knows if the same mirror is used in other GM cars of the era. I have a Classic Industries catalog for the Firebird and TransAm and they do not show an interior mirror at all.

If you have a mirror that you would like to sell, please send information, pricing, and pictures to:

Thank you everyone for any assistance.
Vintage-Nut FEB 07, 12:59 PM
FYI - Fiero's came with two different mounting styles; the mounting post glued to windshield can be 7/8" or 1" at its widest point.

I bet you have the latter than the former.......
Larryinkc FEB 07, 03:31 PM
The Fiero Store has them in their online catalog
hnthomps FEB 07, 03:33 PM
I have at least one OEM Fiero mirror that have been swapped for other GM mirrors displaying outside temperature. If you are interested I will check and see if I have one or two in my parts stock. I would happily sell any of them for $10 each plus shipping.