WTB F23 mounts (Page 1/1)
spartan_chaz FEB 04, 03:05 AM
Looking for someone who has a set of F23 mounts they may have laying around!
thelinsells FEB 04, 05:38 PM
what you need is in stock. thelinsells@cox.net
spartan_chaz FEB 05, 09:37 AM

Originally posted by thelinsells:

what you need is in stock. thelinsells@cox.net

Email sent!
Larry Hubbert FEB 05, 11:54 AM
Roger Thelin at thelinsells@cox.net has these on hand. Contact him on here.
cam-a-lot FEB 05, 06:46 PM
Make sure that the mounts are for the metric bolt pattern F23. I have tried numerous times to discuss this with Roger

The F23 that comes with the Ecotec is NOT the same as the F23 that you can bolt on to a 3800. So make sure you are clear on which F23 you plan to use, and that Roger has that bellhousing to work from- NOT an ecotec paired F23