WTB Air Can Lid (Page 1/1)
fliphone JAN 27, 12:06 AM
Hey all! I'm trying to hunt down an air can lid, I'm going to try and make a better flowing setup based on what the 90s cavaliers(?) are like with the open top.
Larry Hubbert JAN 27, 12:33 PM
Is this what you are referring to:

I have several here in Elfers, FL 34680 and I can ship to you. If interested please PM me on here or FB Messenger for additional pix and prices. Please include your shipping address so I can get you a postage price. Thanks..
wannav8 FEB 05, 02:09 PM
Pm'd you
johnyrottin FEB 08, 10:15 AM
I PMd you too. Im not sure why but one of mine has rust all over it while the others have remained perfect.