87 SE Chevy v8 project (Page 1/1)
Wayne Renninger JAN 23, 12:25 PM
1987 SE beefed up automatic, 602 crate chevy engine 5000 miles,was a running driving v8 conversion, bought as a rolling car, plans due to age and iilness have changed , Currently engine is on the stand for inspection. Comes with external oil filter, headers, Needs a good mechanic to reassemble.Sunroof, full power ,black with gray interior, 15'' gray honeycomb wheels, good tires, I have all the parts to put it back on the road,in Allentown Pa.$8500 will include 1 of each spare panel, fenders, hood, doors, 1/4 panels,etc.to have to keep the car for a very long time.war51@rcn.com
Wayne Renninger JAN 28, 10:49 AM
If you have no interest in the v8 swap I have anorther 86 FieroSe V6 automatic to include for many spare parts and convert back to stock v6 automatic. Also 30 plus year collection of used parts tp pick thru top sweeten the pot $6000 Allentown Pa.
RichLo1 FEB 08, 04:48 PM
602 big block?

Pics would certainly help
Spadesluck FEB 09, 02:26 PM
I would certainly like to see this car/motor