WTB 86 Rack and pinion assembly (Page 1/1)
Luperman NOV 28, 01:00 PM
Anyone have a good rack and pinion assembly they want to sell and ship to virginia
Skybax NOV 28, 07:20 PM
Do you mind if I ask what happened or failed on yours?
Luperman NOV 29, 06:05 AM
It looks like the inner tie rod has some play in there may be with the bushing, I have the new bushing , seal, inner and outer tie rods from Rodney Dickman, taking them with my car this week to the shop to hopefully they can get them installed and renew my state inspection, it runs out tomorrow.. I wanted to have a back up just in case they say they cannot repair it
jjd2296 NOV 29, 10:03 AM
Its totally fixable, unless you crashed the cars and damages the rack, Rodney's kit will fixed it no porblem.