88 choptop v8 project car (Page 1/1)
engine man NOV 20, 02:06 PM
Hi I am selling the fiero i started to build it has a Audi V8 in it and the top has been chopped 3 inches and a supercharger has been put on the engine it starts and runs and drives it has a Testarossa body that has been modified with fiero GT fast back body $4995 Location is just out side of Ocala FL side o
engine man NOV 21, 07:30 PM
American Exotic NOV 22, 12:30 AM
Wow, very cool combo. Audi V8 is not very common in the Fiero. Plus the Testarossa body, I’ve always loved. If I wasn’t half way across the country. I’d have a serious look at that. Good Luck with your sale.
engine man NOV 22, 05:09 PM
Thank you American Exotic