I have a bunch of Fiero parts in my garage (Page 1/1)
Arns85GT NOV 19, 10:04 AM
I need to get rid of them Anyone interested?


Cameron416 NOV 19, 11:39 AM

Originally posted by Arns85GT:

I need to get rid of them Anyone interested?

Where are you located and what do you have
Arns85GT NOV 19, 01:17 PM
I am in London Ontario Canada, these parts are small and I don't really want to ship given the value and the cost of shipping if you follow
jjd2296 NOV 19, 03:49 PM
what do you have? the picture didnt load for you, im in Toronto
Arns85GT NOV 19, 06:38 PM
too big a list to post. I have somebody coming by on Sunday to pick up the lot
cam-a-lot NOV 27, 04:55 AM
I actually have to drive through London to pick up some parts, likely this weekend if we don't get much snow

If your guy cancels, let me know and I can grab the parts

Decaffrican NOV 27, 06:10 AM
Picture didn't load for me but do you happen to have an 88 GT or even just GT 5speed manual transmissions?
Arns85GT NOV 27, 09:42 AM
no 88 or 88 parts.