88 GT rear bumper (Page 1/1)
Queso JUN 12, 06:40 AM
After a small mishap, I am in need of a rear bumper fascia. Preferably within a few hours of Raleigh NC.
Larry Hubbert JUN 12, 08:44 AM
What style Fiero rear bumper cover do you need since you did not specify in your post?
Larry Hubbert JUN 12, 08:51 AM
Sorry missed the bumper cover style in the headline. I have several GT rear bumper covers available here in , FL 34680 should you be unable to find one near you. Also it does not matter if you use a rear bumper cover from an earlier year as it will also bolt directly on to your 88 in any case. Thanks.
Larry Hubbert JUN 14, 04:23 PM
PM's sent. Thanks.
Queso JUL 08, 06:29 PM
Hi forum,

Still looking for an 88 GT rear bumper. But this time my area has expanded! I’m in MINNESOTA! I know there are some Fiero folks up here, maybe someone’s got a bumper?? I’m near Bemidji, but I’ll be heading to the twin cities on Sunday, next Thursday and the following Saturday on our way back to NC. If you’re around this area or on the way from
Minneapolis to Raleigh, PM me! Thanks!
Queso JUL 19, 11:08 PM
Closing remarks:
Thanks Larry for reaching out. The Florida drive was just not in the cards. However, since the family vacation involved a two drive from northern Minnesota to NC through the Fiero hotbeds of Illinois and Indiana, we decided to search locally on the road. We found a GT bumper in W Lafayette, IN on FB market. Contacted the seller, picked it up, strapped it to the trailer, and away we went! The seller wasn’t going to be gone so he told us where it was and said put the money in the mail slot. As we turned the corner to the house, a pickup was backing a trailer with an auto graphics “show car” on it into a driveway. We knew this was the place! Friends of the seller were driving the pickup and we made the transaction with them. It was a fantastic Fiero experience, can’t wait to get the new piece in place! It did come with a special treat.
Queso JUL 19, 11:10 PM