WTB - 88 GT proportioning valve (Page 1/1)
OldGuyinaGT JUN 08, 07:03 PM
I need a replacement for my 88 GT w/stock brakes. - I think mine is on its way out and I don't think new ones exist. Thanks in advance for your reply!
skywurz JUN 09, 11:12 PM
Im pretty sure they are all the same but i have one i just pulled out of an 88 gt. PM inbound
Fiero Vice JUN 10, 08:12 PM
I'm also in the market for '88 GT proportioning valve as well.

If anyone has one in good condition for sale, let me know. Thanks.
skywurz JUN 10, 11:33 PM
I checked the parts manual there's 3 different part numbers
1 for a certain type of 84.
and 88