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engine man JUN 10, 12:09 PM
I have bought an 1998 Audi A8 engine and a 2001 Passat 012 transmission plus the wiring harness and ECU to put in my 1988 Fiero T Top car . The engine will be mounted Longitudinal not transverse i will not stretch the car or cut the fire wall I should be able to keep the CV joint angle at about 10 degrees since the engine is so short. If one of you could send me the wiring schematic for a 1998 audi A8 so i can figure out the harness i would appreciate that

Racing_Master JUN 10, 02:07 PM
I had the same idea... but a W8 from Volkswagen instead of the A8's V8... Good luck! I'll be watching this one!
engine man JUN 10, 02:24 PM
thanks i am looking for the A8 wiring schematic
Racing_Master JUN 10, 03:12 PM

Originally posted by engine man:

thanks i am looking for the A8 wiring schematic

I USED To have alldata, but I changed jobs and we are working on getting the alldata subscription there. Once we get it, I will try and get them for ya. I hope we get it soon enough.
MstangsBware JUN 10, 04:27 PM
Here we go again.......
firejo24 JUN 10, 05:36 PM
Better plan on stiffening the undercarriage as there is a lot of missing strength in the T-top cars. Adding horse power adds flex which the T-top can’t handle.
Joseph Upson JUN 10, 05:39 PM

Originally posted by MstangsBware:

Here we go again.......

No, he bought the motor, eventhough he showed us a picture of the car instead of the motor which I'd have preferred to see.
engine man JUN 10, 09:45 PM
i will pick engine ,wiring harness , ecu & transmission up on Wednesdays when i have some free time it is all paid for they dint have it out yesterday when i went over will post pics of it all . yes I am going to stiffen the chassis

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motoracer838 JUN 11, 01:04 PM
Engine Man, here's a little something to help motivate you, Porsche Boxster with an Audi 4.2.

mikejhjr JUN 11, 01:36 PM
I am not too up to speed on this engine/wiring. But if it's like most VW stuff aren't you going to need the dash too?