Hi! I'm a nice guy from Russia, and here is my Plazma! (Page 2/39)
Daniel H NOV 23, 07:02 PM
Oh!! I got it! Big thanks!
katatak NOV 23, 07:15 PM
Welcome to PFF Daniel. Nice looking work you are doing there. We are always happy to see another Fiero saved from the garbage. Great job! Keep us posted on your progress.

Pat in Texas.
Alibi NOV 23, 07:20 PM

Originally posted by Daniel H:

Oh!! I got it! Big thanks!

No problem! By the way, your method of propping your car up reminds me of this :

Larryh86GT NOV 23, 08:45 PM
Welcome to the forum Daniel.


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twofatguys NOV 23, 08:59 PM

Originally posted by Alibi:

No problem! By the way, your method of propping your car up reminds me of this :

Alibi, we can do this to change the pump right? How did he get it up like that?


EDIT: OMG is he welding on the gas tank:O

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Mr.PBody NOV 23, 09:02 PM
Whats the red truck in the first picture?
twofatguys NOV 23, 09:03 PM

What is the red vehicle on the edge of this picture?

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jimbolaya NOV 23, 09:21 PM
Welcome! Don't worry about your english. It's better than Pontiackids and he's from the U.S.A. Just kiddin PK

proff NOV 23, 10:04 PM
welcome dan
i got 2 fieros here in Sydney Australia
by the way do you know many woman in Russia,
If i gave you a few names , manybe they might be in your area?

Originally posted by Daniel H:

Hi everybody! First I want told about that a live in Russia, so sorry if my english is terrible! I was reading PFF from 2004 and have some interest for Fiero. But then I have no opportunity to buy it for some reasons: in first i was too young, and second: find Fiero in Russia is BIG problem! Most of Fiero what was imported in russia already in garbage. Reason of that is problems with parts. In some cases get detail is impossible! But I'm not about this.

At last summer i have chance to get Fiero and I not passed it! And now I' m a happy(in some meaning) owner of a Fiero, My Fiero is 86 SE. It come to me in terrible condition! It was without engine, gearbox, radiator and some other details.

I was lucky, because fathers friend, that also got a Fiero, was swaped his Fiero with 5.7Northstar, and he was presented me him stock engine(V6 2.8)

So now i working at bringing my Fiero to good condition. At first I was cleaned bottom from some rust, and painted it( My father helped me with paintwork). Next I removed all exterior plastic panels(except roof) and started cleaning everything else. Now I cleaned up front hood section, engine section and trunk.

Now I dont now what else to tell.. So I post some pictures. It all for now.

Thanks for attention!

Daniel H NOV 23, 10:32 PM
The truck in the corner of photo is "Jump!". It was produced in low value here in Russia some time ago. But producing of this car now is ended for some reasons related with bureaucracy problems. Here is link http://www.autoreview.ru/ne...1/n01/jump/jump1.htm . This page are on russian but you can see pictures!

How did I get up my Fiero? In this operation was used long pipe, hi-jack, some planks and some piece of brain Also a winch's rope for fixing.

To proff,
Where so many womans so I can't know all of them If I try to do this, I will have no time to work at my Fiero